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Sunday, 1 September 2013

How to easily make your spouse happy?

We all love to be cared from our spouse. So, why not take the first step and do what you want to be done with you. Here are a few easy ways to make your spouse happy and share the warmth of your relationship:

·         Compliments shall flow every now and then
Compliments about anything and everything are a great way to make your spouse feel your love and care and make them happy. You can compliment about the appearance, any good deed, looks, house decoration, etc.

·         Surprises are always fun
Surprise your spouse by doing things which you feel will make them happy. You can set a candle lit surprise dinner at home, take your spouse for a surprise outing, give some surprise gifts, or anything which you know will leave a lasting impression.

·         Listen often
It always feels good when someone listens to you about things you want to share and who could be a better person to share your thoughts and feelings than your spouse? If you give your spouse time and attention while he/she is expressing themselves, they will feel cared and loved.

·         Do the chores that your spouse hates most
Household chores like cleaning, removing garbage, doing dishes, etc. whatever your spouse hates the most can be taken up by you to make them feel cared and loved for.

·         Stop trying to change your spouse
It is always in the interest of a relationship that you accept your spouse the way they are rather than making efforts to change them. We all have certain areas of improvement and the same can be told in a subtle manner.

Hope you have a happy relationship and life ahead!

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