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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How to easily make a difficult decision?

We all have to make decisions every now and then. However, some big decisions make us go sleepless in the night and that is when we need help. We struggle because most decisions not only have an element of uncertainty attached to them but also have a fear of losing something once we decide on one option and leave the others. However, here are a few tips that will help you easily take a difficult decision:

·         Take the decision when your mind is in a good state
It is obvious but we will mention this point because when we are to take a tough decision we ought to go sleepless and keep postponing the decision till the last minute. This makes us take the decision in hurry and a confused state of mind. Thus it is advisable that we take adequate sleep, meditate, do some leisure activity or anything that relaxes our mind and then decide.  

·         Weigh pros and cons on a sheet of paper
Take a blank sheet of paper and write the pros and cons of each possible option, it will make everything crystal clear in front of you. Deciding would then be easy.

·         Pretend as if you are advising someone
It might sound a little funny but try this and it will help. Think that you are advising your friend in the same situation and the best solution will automatically strike you.

·         Instincts matter
Give your instincts some space and take the decision only when you strongly feel about the same, and not because your family or friends feel that a particular option is the best.

·         Experience counts
There is no harm in taking advice from someone who is experienced and will speak in your favor.

·         Stick to the decision once taken
Once you decide, stick to your decision and feel confident. Never think that some other option would have been better.

Hope you make the best possible decision in the given situation with the above tips.

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