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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How to easily gain weight?

Do you need to add more weight to your body for improving looks? Do you need to gain weight for joining some sports? Is your less weight making you low on confidence? Do people make mockery of you by saying you are a skeleton or a hanger? Relax and read on…Gaining weight is easy with these simple tips:

·         Enhance portion intake
The first thing that you can do to gain weight is to enhance the quantity of food you intake every time you eat food. You can start by making it 50% more and slowly move to doubling the food intake. This will enhance your calorie intake and thus improve body weight.

·         Eat every 2 hours
Rather than eating 3 fixed meals, you can start eating something every 2-3 hours. This will keep the digestive system busy and thus will give more calories to you.

·         Eat food having high calorie content
If you want to gain weight, choose the food you eat wisely. You can include more protein giving food like pulses, eggs, etc. Also, you can include more butter and oil in your food intake.

·         Reduce activity level
Reduce activities that burn fat. This does not mean that you keep lying on the bed all day. Basic activities are a must to maintain a healthy body.

·         Drink more high fat milk and milk based beverages
You can drink more high fat dairy items as these will bring in more fat. Ilk, milk shakes, protein shakes, etc. will surely help in the achievement of your goal to gain weight.

·         Do weight training
Weight training will not only help you look better with the extra muscles but will also improve your appetite thus helping in your overall goal from two sides.

·         Remain motivated
Things will not change overnight, thus it is always good to remain motivated to stay focused.

Gaining weight is easy with the above steps. If you still cannot gain weight, it is time to consult your doctor.

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