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Monday, 9 September 2013

How to easily be healthy?

Health is one of the most precious things given as a gift by God to humans. However, maintaining good health is a task that comes along with this gift. Being healthy is not only about physical fitness, it also includes mental, emotional and social well being.  It is easy to be healthy with the following tips:

·         Eat appropriately
Eating appropriately involves not only eating on time but also eating the right things. We must try and avoid foods that hamper health like too much junk food, etc. Eating too much or too less, both are bad for our health. Thus we must eat till we feel it is adequate. Also, we must eat a little less in dinner.

·         Take adequate sleep
Sleep gives our body the required rest to replenish itself for the next day. 7-8 hours of sleep is generally considered good for average person.

·         Drink plenty of water
Water is another necessity to maintain a healthy body. Drinking plenty of water keeps our system clean and away from illness.

·         Meditate
We must meditate for achieving inner peace and contentment. Meditation makes us a better person if done appropriately.

·         Exercise regularly
Our body is like any other machine, which becomes useless if not used for a long time. Exercising helps our body to keep away ailments.

·         Maintain Hygiene
Hygiene keeps diseases at bay and brings about purity and health to our existence.

·         Socialize
Human beings are social animals and we cannot live in isolation. However, it is good for us to socialize in good company. This motivates us to adopt good habits of people around us.

·         Be happy and laugh a lot
Laughing has been proved as the best remedy to keep diseases away from us. Being happy and laughing a lot promotes good health.

The old saying “If wealth is gone, nothing is gone; if health is gone, something is gone; but if character is gone, everything is gone” holds good and we must take care of our health and character to the fullest.

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