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Thursday, 29 August 2013

How to easily fall asleep faster?

There are a few people who are lucky enough to fall asleep within minutes of lying down on bed. However, the rest of us keep looking at the fan or keep thinking about things after lying down and struggle to sleep fast. If you are amongst the unlucky ones, you are at the right place to follow these simple steps and fall asleep faster:

·         Check the ambience
The first thing you must check is the overall ambience of your bedroom. Your bed should be properly arranged, with comfortable pillows and blankets. You should also set the temperature of the room as per your comfort. Most people like to sleep in a comparatively colder room. Also, you must check the lighting, which should not be too striking. Other things that you can check are: keeping electronic items off, putting up the curtains, etc.

·         Feel cozy and relaxed
You must feel cozy, relaxed and sleepy before lying down on the bed. To do this, you can take a hot water shower or have a glass of hot milk or dress up in loose clothes or lie in a comfortable position or anything that makes you comfortable.

·         Do something boring
It generally happens that a boring activity makes us feel sleepy. Thus you can play a boring game, start counting silently, read a book you do not like, or do anything that bores you. This will help you fall asleep faster.

·         Meditate
Meditation is considered a cure for several ailments. Insomnia is one such thing that can be cured easily with the help of meditation.

·         Avoid things that keeps you awake
You must avoid taking caffeine at night or taking a cold shower or watching television or listening to music or working on your laptop or anything that makes you feel sleepless.

If we make changes in a few of our habits, it is easy to fall asleep fast. Happy sleeping!

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to easily speak good English?

In today’s world speaking English seems a necessity as it is a widely accepted language.  To speak good English easily, here are a few tips:

·         Practice with friends and family and invite suggestions
Your first teachers to speak good English are your family and friends. If you start speaking in English with them, they can point out the areas which need improvement and you can keep correcting them slowly and steadily towards your goal. Speaking even incorrect or non fluent English with people you trust will not hamper anything. It will in fact, help you towards making you a fluent speaker of the language by practicing with them.

·         Keep a dictionary handy
A dictionary that provides meaning of English words in your native language is a wonder book for you if you want to easily speak good English. You can keep this handy all the time to take reference whenever needed.

·         Start to Watch, listen, read and think in English
You can watch English shows on television, listen to English radio channels, read on any topic that interests you in English and last but not the least, think in English. Whenever you are thinking about something make sentences and relate words in English with the same in your mind. This will help a lot.

·         Take help from internet
You can read online forums, study blogs, watch videos, etc. over the internet that will provide guidance to you on the language. Internet is a great source of information and it is upto you to explore the same to your benefit.

·         Be motivated
The most important thing is to remain motivated towards your goal of speaking fluent English. You can appreciate yourself every time you take a step forward towards the achievement of the goal.

All of us speak at least one language. Learning another enhances knowledge and is considered good for several reasons. The above tips will help you to easily speak in good English.

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How to easily act smart and win praise from others?

Do you feel disappointed when people make fun of you or tease you on anything silly that you do unknowingly? Is it that you always try to escape or take a way out somehow to avoid intelligent discussions amongst family or friends? Is it that you always try to act smart in situations but end up making a fool of yourself? Let’s face it, several people face the above problems and are shy to discuss it. Here is the solution to it all! You can act smart by following the below mentioned steps to gain self confidence and hearts of your near and dear ones:

Step 1) Feel Smart
The first step to win praise from others and act smart is to feel smart. You must appreciate and applaud yourself on every small thing to gain confidence and feel smart. If you feel it, it will come out and people will appreciate the same.

Step 2) Have an Opinion and Speak Confidently:
Whenever you are in a group where some discussions are happening, you must have an opinion to act smart. Smart people must have unique opinion and it must be expressed with full confidence to gain popularity. Even if you have limited knowledge about the subject, you can wait for some time, listen to others and understand before speaking.

Step 3) Improve Vocabulary
A strong vocabulary always helps. People will not think you are smart if you are talking boring things. If you introduce new words to the discussion, a positive impression and praise comes along.

Step 4) Looks matter
The way you dress, hairstyle, etc. matters a lot in shaping people’s opinion about you.  it is advisable to wear neat dresses and hairstyle to look smart.

Step 5) Keep Learning
Learning should be a never ending process. You must have knowledge about what is happening in and out.

Step 6) Be serious about things
You must not carry a laid back attitude for anything. If you sound serious about things every time, people will start respecting you for your concern and smartness.

The above things will be helpful in not only making you look smart but also making you smart if followed diligently.

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

How to easily be successful in life?

No matter what profession we are in, how old we are, which country we live in, what responsibilities we have, we all love to become successful in life. Success brings with it confidence, satisfaction, growth and a happy life. But the question is how to achieve success? Here are a few steps that we can follow to be successful:

Step 1) Define Success
Success in general means achievement of what you want to achieve. However, it is a relative term and the definition of success differs from person to person as needs of each person varies. Thus the first step towards becoming successful is to define what success means to you. For some it may be becoming a good professional, for others it may be having a happy family. The definition of success must be clearly described as the first step towards its achievement.

Step 2) Make goals and Timeline
One the definition is clear; make your short term and long term goals in accordance to the objective set. Move forward with a timeline to achieve these goals and your planning part is done. It is important that we put in the requisite time and effort at this stage so as to identify what exactly we want and then achieve it.

Step 3) Execute and stay away from Distractions
Once the planning is done, start step by step towards the achievement of your goals in the execution stage. One thing to remember here is to stay focused and do not let anything distract you from the main goal.

Step 4) Be motivated and happy
Identify things that motivate you and keep them handy, so that whenever you are distracted, you can motivate yourself and stay happy towards the fulfillment of your goal to be successful.

Step 5) Cherish achievements and work persistently
It is always beneficial to reward yourself on small achievements and cherish the happiness it brings so that you remain motivated towards the bigger goal to be successful in life and work persistently towards its achievement.

Have a successful life!

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Friday, 16 August 2013

How to easily control hair fall?

We all want to look beautiful and smart all the time and our hair do is an important thing for achieving the same. However, hair fall has become an unbridled problem faced by many people because of varied reasons like stress, aging, heredity, illness, lack of proper nutrition, etc. But there are some very simple and natural ways to easily control hair fall and look beautiful. Here they are:

·         Eat a healthy diet
One must eat a healthy diet which is rich in proteins and other hair building nutrients. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday also helps in controlling hair fall.

·         Practice meditation
Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety levels in the body. If you are not emotionally happy, the body is bound to have physical deterioration in the form of hair loss or catching any other ailment.

·         Pamper your hair
Regularly washing your hair is one of the basic things one must do. However, one can pamper our hair whenever we get time by a hot oil massage or some good natural hair pack or hair steaming, etc.

·         Use natural products on scalp
It is advisable to use natural products like henna, amla, etc. that helps in controlling hair fall rather than chemical based products.

·         Avoid exposure to heat, pollution and other damaging substances
Though it is not possible to stay in-door all the time, but to control hair fall, one can take a few precautions. We can wash hair with lukewarm or cold water in place of hot water. Similarly, we can cover our hair in places where there is excessive pollution or dust.

Hope you have a good hair day everyday by following these simple tips.

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How to easily be an Effective and Quality Content Writer :)

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

How to easily make extra money?

Earning money is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work and efforts. Irrespective of how rich one is, who does not love to have extra money in their pockets? Here are a few ways to make extra money that you can use and enjoy with the extra bucks…

1)      Earn from your hobby
Yes, it is true! You can earn money from pursuing your hobby. How? If you are a good painter, you can sell your paintings; if you are good at any sport, you can become a trainer of the same; if your favorite pastime is enjoying with kids, you can become a part time baby sitter; the list is endless. You have to identify which of your favorite pastime can fetch dollars for you.

2)      Sell things that are useless for you but might be useful for others
An old guitar, torn jewellery pieces, used clothes, old CDs, books, etc. anything that is not of use for you can be sold. You can take out such things and sell them to a local shop that buys it at a small price and resells them at a higher price or hold a yard sale if the items are plenty.  It will take a little time but it will be worth the money you get.

3)      Take up a part time job
You can take up a part time job that suits your routine and time availability. Some examples could be job of newspaper delivery, baby sitter, tutor, salesman, etc.

4)      Be a part of a study or survey
You can get some money by expressing your views in a survey or a study. There are several such websites that pay you for the same.

5)      Do some online jobs
You can take up some online jobs or research, data entry, etc. and be paid for your time there.

Hope you benefit from the above ideas and wish you happy spending with the extra money you earn!

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to easily get rid of pimples?

Acne or pimples or breakouts, call it by whatever name, they surely makes anyone sad when they pop up at the worst imaginable place on your face :(

Though they usually hit the skin when you are in your teens but frankly speaking there is no exact time, they can come up anytime at any age and are almost unavoidable for certain people.  If you are also one of those who have tried all medications and treatments to get rid of acne but all in vain, you have reached the right place. Here is good news in store for you! You can get rid of pimples by following these easy and all natural tips:

1)      Avoid touching your face:
It is recommended that you avoid touching your face every now and then. This helps to prevent transfer of germs to the already infected area. However, we cannot totally abstain from touching. Thus, whenever you have to touch your face, always wash your hand in advance.

2)      Wash your face twice a day and pat dry:
You must keep your face clean by washing it gently with a mild cleanser thoroughly, twice a day. This will help keep the skin clean and you can recover fast from pimples or acne. After washing, never rub or wipe the skin of the face with a towel, always pat it dry. This will avoid further worsening of the infected area.

3)      Choose makeup wisely:
You must choose makeup products wisely based on the type of skin, brands that suits you, weather conditions, etc. for pimple prone skin, you can look out for products that mention noncomedogenic" or "nonacnegenic" on the label. Also, it is advisable that you remove your makeup before going to bed in the night.

4)      Never Pop pimples
It may be very tempting to pop pimples when they seem ripe, but if you do the same, it will worsen the situation because of 2 reasons. One is that it might push the fluid deep within the pores and elevate the problem and second, the fluid will ooze out to infect other areas.

5)      Protection from sun:
Sun tanning of skin might make the acne faded but it actually it makes the situation worse.

Though these tips make take a little time, they are all natural and safe ways to get rid of pimples easily. It is always advisable to visit a dermatologist in case of need.

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How to easily lose weight in 3 simple steps?

Being overweight does not only puts you at risk of being prone to diseases but also lowers your confidence levels. Thus it is important that we keep ourselves in good shape to have a healthy and happy life. Losing weight is not a difficult task once you aim to achieve the same. Here are 3 simple steps which will help you get in shape naturally:

Step 1) Curb intake of fattening foods and beverages
The first step one must take care of is to avoid taking fattening beverages like colas, etc. and fattening foods like burgers, fried foods, etc. You can replace high calorie beverages with fresh lime drinks or fresh juices that are equally tasty but less fattening.  Make a search of foods that are rich in fiber and try to replace them in place of fast food in your daily intake of food items.

Step 2) Exercise regularly
It is not necessary that you need to hit the gym or follow a tough exercise regime to maintain balanced weight. Start by including 20-30 minutes of daily start up exercise in your routine like climbing stairs, going for a morning walk, etc. Once the routine is set, include other activities slowly and steadily. A difficult exercise regime may not last long but a simple one surely will!

Step 3) Remain motivated to lose weight
The most important thing is, do not loose motivation to lose weight and look the best. Different people have different ways to remain motivated. Choose the things that motivate you and always keep them by your side.

Hope this will help!

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