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Thursday, 12 September 2013

How to easily make the best buying decision in 3 steps?

We often have to make a buying decision to buy something every now and then. Whether it is a decision to buy a camera, a house, clothes, gift, shoes, accessories, mobile phone, showpieces, or anything else, we always want to buy the best possible product at the least possible price. To make this decision, we sometimes take a lot of time to compare and take opinions and sometimes we take the decision just at the spur of the moment. To make the best buying decision easily, here are 3 simple steps:

Step 1) Identify your requirements clearly
One must identify our requirements clearly. This includes identifying the features we want, budget we have, type of product needed, design, color, etc. We can write these on a piece of paper for quick access while making the decision.

Step 2) Check your resources
You can check your resources for the available options, discounts, references, reviews, etc. Resources include your family, friends, colleagues, internet, neighbors, etc. You can take inputs from your social circle for any buying decisions.

Step 3) Make comparison and take the decision
Compare the options available on parameters such as cost, features, etc. and take the decision.

Hope you get the best deal every time you make the buying decisions.

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