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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How to easily make someone smile?

Making someone smile will not only make the day for that person great but will also keep you happy throughout the day with the good deed you have done. So why not make someone smile with these easy tips:

·         Crack jokes
This is the most basic thing that will make anyone smile. However, it is not easy to crack jokes for most people as they tend to forget the ones they listen or read. You can remember a few and crack them if you really want to make people smile.

·         Make fun of yourself
Making fun of you is something that brings smile on others’ faces. Many standup comedians also use the technique of self depreciation.

·         Say thank you often
Saying thank you to someone who helped you will make the person feel cared for and thus bring a smile on his/her face. Being chivalrous does not take much of your time but it helps not only to make a positive image of you but also keeping people surrounding you happy and smiling.

·         Give Surprises
You can surprise people by new things to make them smile. For example you can give a surprise card to someone, put up funny wallpaper on someone’s computer, make a funny picture of yourself with a compliment, etc.

·         Take work
Taking up some work from your near and dear ones when you feel they are overburdened can make them smile.

·         Shower compliments
Complimenting people around you will make them feel confident and happy and will surely bring a smile to their faces.

Thanks for sparing time to read this article. By reading this article you have proved your desire to make others happy and this is the best thing anyone can do in this world!

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