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Monday, 2 September 2013

How to easily overcome shyness in 3 simple steps?

Do you feel shy while speaking in public? Do you get uneasy if someone introduces you and asks you to speak a few words on stage? Is nervousness a constant thing that comes to you while making a public appearance? If an answer to any of these questions is yes, you are at the right place to easily overcome your shyness and face the world with confidence. Here are three simple steps:

·         Identify what makes you shy?
Different people feel nervous in different situations. Some are shy of public speaking, some feel low in confidence while speaking on a particular topic, some people are shy of a new situation, some feel under confident at a new place, some feel uneasy while learning a new skill…the list is endless and varies from person to person. Thus the first step to overcome shyness is to identify what makes you shy? Once you know the answer to this, it is easy to take corrective steps then.

·         Try and cure that by making yourself comfortable
Once you know what makes you nervous, try and combat that with solutions. For example, if you feel shy while speaking on a particular topic, say politic, gather knowledge about it in details. This knowledge will make you speak confidently the next time you are in such a situation. Another example could be, if you are shy of speaking in public, practice speaking in front of family and friends. You can also practice the topic several times, so that you gain confidence next time when you are to speak in public.

·         Motivate yourself
You must keep yourself motivated by appreciating new achievements every now and then. You can also feel good by imagining situations that would have made you nervous but you came out with flying colors in the same.

No one is perfect and we all commit mistakes, so be confident in whatever you do!

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