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Thursday, 29 August 2013

How to easily fall asleep faster?

There are a few people who are lucky enough to fall asleep within minutes of lying down on bed. However, the rest of us keep looking at the fan or keep thinking about things after lying down and struggle to sleep fast. If you are amongst the unlucky ones, you are at the right place to follow these simple steps and fall asleep faster:

·         Check the ambience
The first thing you must check is the overall ambience of your bedroom. Your bed should be properly arranged, with comfortable pillows and blankets. You should also set the temperature of the room as per your comfort. Most people like to sleep in a comparatively colder room. Also, you must check the lighting, which should not be too striking. Other things that you can check are: keeping electronic items off, putting up the curtains, etc.

·         Feel cozy and relaxed
You must feel cozy, relaxed and sleepy before lying down on the bed. To do this, you can take a hot water shower or have a glass of hot milk or dress up in loose clothes or lie in a comfortable position or anything that makes you comfortable.

·         Do something boring
It generally happens that a boring activity makes us feel sleepy. Thus you can play a boring game, start counting silently, read a book you do not like, or do anything that bores you. This will help you fall asleep faster.

·         Meditate
Meditation is considered a cure for several ailments. Insomnia is one such thing that can be cured easily with the help of meditation.

·         Avoid things that keeps you awake
You must avoid taking caffeine at night or taking a cold shower or watching television or listening to music or working on your laptop or anything that makes you feel sleepless.

If we make changes in a few of our habits, it is easy to fall asleep fast. Happy sleeping!

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