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Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to easily speak good English?

In today’s world speaking English seems a necessity as it is a widely accepted language.  To speak good English easily, here are a few tips:

·         Practice with friends and family and invite suggestions
Your first teachers to speak good English are your family and friends. If you start speaking in English with them, they can point out the areas which need improvement and you can keep correcting them slowly and steadily towards your goal. Speaking even incorrect or non fluent English with people you trust will not hamper anything. It will in fact, help you towards making you a fluent speaker of the language by practicing with them.

·         Keep a dictionary handy
A dictionary that provides meaning of English words in your native language is a wonder book for you if you want to easily speak good English. You can keep this handy all the time to take reference whenever needed.

·         Start to Watch, listen, read and think in English
You can watch English shows on television, listen to English radio channels, read on any topic that interests you in English and last but not the least, think in English. Whenever you are thinking about something make sentences and relate words in English with the same in your mind. This will help a lot.

·         Take help from internet
You can read online forums, study blogs, watch videos, etc. over the internet that will provide guidance to you on the language. Internet is a great source of information and it is upto you to explore the same to your benefit.

·         Be motivated
The most important thing is to remain motivated towards your goal of speaking fluent English. You can appreciate yourself every time you take a step forward towards the achievement of the goal.

All of us speak at least one language. Learning another enhances knowledge and is considered good for several reasons. The above tips will help you to easily speak in good English.

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