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Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to easily act smart and win praise from others?

Do you feel disappointed when people make fun of you or tease you on anything silly that you do unknowingly? Is it that you always try to escape or take a way out somehow to avoid intelligent discussions amongst family or friends? Is it that you always try to act smart in situations but end up making a fool of yourself? Let’s face it, several people face the above problems and are shy to discuss it. Here is the solution to it all! You can act smart by following the below mentioned steps to gain self confidence and hearts of your near and dear ones:

Step 1) Feel Smart
The first step to win praise from others and act smart is to feel smart. You must appreciate and applaud yourself on every small thing to gain confidence and feel smart. If you feel it, it will come out and people will appreciate the same.

Step 2) Have an Opinion and Speak Confidently:
Whenever you are in a group where some discussions are happening, you must have an opinion to act smart. Smart people must have unique opinion and it must be expressed with full confidence to gain popularity. Even if you have limited knowledge about the subject, you can wait for some time, listen to others and understand before speaking.

Step 3) Improve Vocabulary
A strong vocabulary always helps. People will not think you are smart if you are talking boring things. If you introduce new words to the discussion, a positive impression and praise comes along.

Step 4) Looks matter
The way you dress, hairstyle, etc. matters a lot in shaping people’s opinion about you.  it is advisable to wear neat dresses and hairstyle to look smart.

Step 5) Keep Learning
Learning should be a never ending process. You must have knowledge about what is happening in and out.

Step 6) Be serious about things
You must not carry a laid back attitude for anything. If you sound serious about things every time, people will start respecting you for your concern and smartness.

The above things will be helpful in not only making you look smart but also making you smart if followed diligently.

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